Cleaning For Health

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The Report

This report summarises all our findings on how the cleaning industry can promote and contribute to infection control in community settings. We provide relevant information on the most prevalent disease causing microbes that threaten community health today and recommendations on safely eliminating them from various surfaces and environments.

We also address important topics of concern such as how we can assess environmental cleaning; when a detergent is sufficient to clean a particular environment or surface and when disinfection is required; we give a thorough assessment of using bleach as a routine disinfectant and identify knowledge gaps and make suggestions for further research.

Cleaning for Health Report 2012-13 (2nd Edition)

Cleaning for Health Report 2011 (1st Edition)

Cleaning for Health Report 2012 (Japanese Language) – WFBSC 2011/2012 「健康のための清掃」報告書
Pathogen Chart (in Japanese, PDF) – 病原体図表
Disinfectant Chart (in Japanese, PDF) – 消毒剤図表