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August 9, 2011
by jennys
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Chemical Cleaners

When using these chemicals: Follow manufacturers’ instructions for proper use of disinfecting (or detergent) products — such as recommended use-dilution, material compatibility, storage, shelf-life, and safe use and disposal.   Acids Examples: acetic acid, citric acid. Acidic disinfectants damage proteins … Continue reading

July 25, 2011
by jennys
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Welcome to Cleaning for Health

On this site you will find the most up- to- date and reliable information on each of the most prevalent disease- causing microbes that threaten community health, and recommendations on how to safely eliminate them from various surfaces and environments.

July 25, 2011
by jennys
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The Project

On 9th February 2011, the World Federation of Building Service Contractors resolved to make Cleaning for Health a key priority in the coming years. The Cleaning for Health project has defined the role of the cleaning industry in the promotion … Continue reading