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On 9th February 2011, the World Federation of Building Service Contractors resolved to make Cleaning for Health a key priority in the coming years. The Cleaning for Health project has defined the role of the cleaning industry in the promotion of public health.

Cleaning is our first defence against the ongoing threat of ‘super bugs’, influenza viruses, and more recently E.coli outbreaks. In healthcare settings the importance of cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing is widely accepted and its implementation is usually strictly enforced.

However, outside the healthcare environment, in our schools, offices and public transport systems; the value of cleanliness is less understood.

In the event of an outbreak of a new pandemic strain of disease, it would be very unlikely that a specific vaccine would be ready to inoculate the public during the first wave of the pandemic. In addition, there may not be sufficient quantities of antiviral medications available. Instead governments and councils will have to focus their efforts on the prevention of transmission of the disease. This would involve rigorous cleaning and decontaminations processes, not only in hospitals, but in public areas, which is vital to stemming the spread of infection.

Through our high-density living in urban areas and the increased resistance of microbes to antibiotics, the role of the cleaning industry in curtailing public health disasters has never been so important.

The WFBSC has amassed the latest peer-reviewed science from governmental bodies and international organisations regarding the most effective methods to prevent the spread of infection in the community. We have identified gaps in our existing knowledge and have proposed further studies to address them.

This website communicates our findings. We provide the evidence and advice to cleaning contractors and clients which they can implement into their procedures when required.

On this site you will find relevant information on each of the most prevalent disease causing microbes that threaten community health today and how to safely eliminate them from various surfaces and environments.

In this project we aim to place the WFBSC as a central source of information on cleaning for the control of infection.

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